True Mag – An impressive WordPress video theme responsive for selling videos

Living in the age of the Internet provides us with many good things as the Net makes it easier for us to learn new things; update information; relax with songs, movies, games, etc. One of the key advantages the Internet brings us is an awesome way to earn money since people nowadays are able to sell various things online, from everyday items like cosmetics and clothes to complicated ones such as electronic products. Interestingly, people can even sell what they make on their e-stores, which also means those who have a habit of producing videos are capable of making money by running their own video stores online.

Thanks to WordPress, creating an online store now becomes simpler than ever as people just need to choose a stunning WordPress video theme responsive which is compatible with e-commerce plugins and suitable for showcasing their products. For those who want to sell their videos, True Mag, a striking responsive WordPress video blog theme integrated with an e-commerce plugin, is a smart choice to help them earn money from their videos.

WordPress video theme responsive

Overview of True Mag: a WordPress video theme responsive

For the purpose of selling videos effectively, True Mag is designed as a SEO-friendly theme. It guarantees that the information of the products can get high rank on search result pages to attract as many customers as possible. It is also a customer-friendly theme as it supports various browsers and owns a responsive design to allow customers to access online stores easily with any device provided that it is connected to the Internet. Since this theme treasures features that allow people to find and access websites in a simple way, it is a perfect choice for those who want to create an online video store.

Being compatible with WooCommerce plugin, this WordPress video theme responsive offers site owners the easiest way to sell their videos online. This plugin allows site owners to sell their products in both physical and digital forms as well as related products. WooCommerce makes it easy for customers to buy videos and other related products as it allows shoppers to download digital products instantly, supports shipment and offers bountiful payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal, cash on delivery and more than other 140 payment gateways. Besides, this plugin is a good tool to manage site owners’ business since it provides them with full control of their stores and guarantees that their data is always kept secure. In short, it is obvious that as integrated with one of the most powerful free e-commerce plugin, True Mag is a great option to help people make money from their videos.

WordPress video theme responsive 1

As one of the best responsive video themes, True Mag also has features focusing on videos to bring amazing moments of watching videos to viewers, which can help site owners sell their works. This theme allows site owners to display their works elegantly and simply in neat portfolios so that customers can enjoy pleasant experience of discovering videos. Besides, viewers are able to play multiple videos in a row automatically. It also supports a lot of players and allows visitors to select the best link to watch videos. Additionally, site owners can embed videos from popular video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo to attract customers.

Moreover, True Mag offers site owners various customization options to create a look that is stunning and suits their contents and purpose. This theme also has many special plugins to help site owners manage their sites and help customers know more about the sites. True Mag team provides regular updates, online documentation, and support to help site owners apply this theme easily.

The features mentioned above show that True Mag is an impressive WordPress video theme responsive for the purpose of selling videos. Besides, it is worth noting that this theme has many other special features for those who want to run an online video store to explore. This theme has gained the rating of 4.7 out of 5 and has been used by nearly 3,400 site owners. In order to get its regular license, people only need to pay $59.